Florian Coulmas


► Research Interests
  • Writing, its Linguistics and Ethnography
  • Japanese Society and Culture
  • Language Planning and Policy
► DFG Project Language, Migration and Happiness of Chinese, Japanese, and Turkish communities in Germany

(together with Zi Wang)

Does using one’s native language in a foreign environment contribute to happiness? This is the overarching question this project will address. The impact of many other social variables – marital status, religion, employment, income, leisure, quality of governance, education, among others – on happiness has been investigated empirically, but not language. The focus of this three-community comparative study is on what relationship exists between language maintenance and happiness for minority communities of diverse profiles and backgrounds for their residence in Germany. It will help us to gain a more comprehensive understanding of language as a social and individual variable. No similar study has been done before.

Project Number 404408794, 2018–2021

Link to project website

Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf: Meyer-Struckmann-Preis 2016

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