IMB: AG Becker-Flegler

Group Becker-Flegler Research Interests

  1. Role of sphingolipids in infection and inflammation
    Sphingolipids in cystic fibrosis
    Sphingolipids as target molecules during infections, especially infections with Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa
    Bactericidal effect of sphingosine
    Molecular mechanism how hypoxia contributes to reduced sphingosine levels in infected lungs
    Sphingosine coating of endo-implants to fight against peri-implant infections
  2. Role of sphingolipids in tumor therapy
    Role of tumor-host sphingolipids in response to tumor therapy
    Role of the acid ceramidase and the acid sphingomyelinase within tumor therapy
  3. Inhibition of the mitochondrial Kv1.3 channel in cancer treatment



Katrin Anne Becker-Flegler (Prof. Dr. rer. nat.)
Tel.: +49(0)201-723-1949

Nadine Beckmann (Dr. rer. nat.)
Tel.: +49(0)201-723-1981

Eyad Naser (Dr. med.)
Tel.: +49(0)201-723-3153

Carolin Sehl (BTA)
Tel.: +49(0)201-723-4577