Final thesis

Are you interested in combining writing your final thesis with a stay abroad?

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It is possible to prepare and/or write a bachelor’s or master’s thesis both at (partner) universities and with companies abroad. Furthermore, there is also the option to spend time abroad in order to collect data, e.g. by conducting interviews. It is essential that you coordinate your plans for your stay abroad with your examiners and ensure that you meet the formal requirements of the Examination Regulations.

Language courses abroad

There are many different ways to learn a language – and learning one in a country where it is spoken is one of the most appealing.

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Language courses offered by universities around the world are a particularly practical option to do so. Please find an overview of the available options and further information on how to select a suitable language course here (German only). If you would like to refresh your language skills at UDE before leaving, please find relevant information here

Summer and winter schools

As the names suggest, summer and winter schools take place during the break after the summer or winter semester respectively.

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From specialised classes on a specific topic to volunteering in social projects – there is a wide range of possibilities. Short stays offer the perfect opportunity to get to know a country and its people and to get a first impression of what studying at a foreign university is like. Please find an overview of the courses currently on offer below and here. With its ‘Go East’ programme, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) provides students with the opportunity to attend summer schools in East-Central Europe, Southeast Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the South Caucasus.

During the summer school at SGH Warsaw, I had the opportunity not only to get to know and learn to love Poland but also to meet students from all corners of the world. Thank you for a wonderful summer; na razie, Poland!

Lisa (Business Administration)

Summer school at SGH Warsaw

Need some cash?Financing

Writing final theses

If you spend time with a company or at a university abroad in order to write your final thesis and/or conduct fieldwork abroad, this can be funded via PROMOS and DUE-Mobil. If you write your final thesis as part of an Erasmus+  study abroad period, you will receive funding through the Erasmus+ programme.

Language course abroad

Students and doctoral candidates can receive funding via PROMOS and DUE-Mobil for attending a language course (at least 25 hours per week) at a foreign university anywhere in the world (duration of at least three weeks and six months maximum).

Summer- and winter schools

Students and doctoral candidates can also receive funding via PROMOS and DUE-Mobil for attending a specialised course (e.g. summer and winter schools, workshops) with a maximum duration of six months. 

The DAAD provides grants for attending summer and winter schools in East-Central, Southeast or Eastern Europe as part of its ‘Go East’ programme.

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