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  • Liu, Guannan; Asif, Muhammad; Mohri, Khadijeh; Schulz, Christof; Dreier, Thomas; Endres, Torsten; Menser, Jan
    In situ measurement of gas-borne silicon nanoparticle volume fraction and temperature by spatially and spectrally line-resolved attenuation and emission imaging
    In: Powder Technology Vol. 396 (2022) pp. 535 - 541
    ISSN: 1873-328X; 0032-5910
  • Inanc, E.; Kempf, Andreas Markus; Chakraborty, N.
    Scalar gradient and flame propagation statistics of a flame-resolved laboratory-scale turbulent stratified burner simulation
    In: Combustion and Flame Vol. 238 (2022)
    ISSN: 1556-2921; 0010-2180
  • Inanc, Eray; Lipkowicz, Timo; Kempf, Andreas Markus
    Detailed simulations of the DLR auto-igniting pulsed jet experiment
    In: Fuel Vol. 284 (2021) pp. 118947
    ISSN: 0016-2361
  • Gruhlke, Pascal; Inanc, Eray; Mercier, Renaud; Fiorina, Benoît; Kempf, Andreas Markus
    A simple post-processing method to correct species predictions in artificially thickened turbulent flames
    In: Proceedings of the Combustion Institute Vol. 38 (2021) Nr. 2, pp. 2977 - 2984
    ISSN: 1540-7489; 1873-2704
  • Fjodorow, Peter; Lalanne, Matthieu R.; He, Dong; Nanjaiah, Monika; Pilipodi-Best, Anita; Baev, Valery M.; Cheskis, Sergey; Herzler, Jürgen; Fikri, Mustapha; Wlokas, Irenäus; Schulz, Christof; Rahinov, Igor
    Determination of gas-phase absorption cross-sections of FeO in a shock tube using intracavity absorption spectroscopy near 611 nm
    In: Proceedings of the Combustion Institute Vol. 38 (2021) Nr. 1, pp. 1637 - 1645
    ISSN: 1540-7489; 1873-2704
  • Wen, Xu; Shamooni, Ali; Stein, Oliver T.; Cai, Liming; Kronenburg, Andreas; Pitsch, Heinz; Kempf, Andreas Markus; Hasse, Christian
    Detailed analysis of early-stage NOₓ formation in turbulent pulverized coal combustion with fuel-bound nitrogen
    In: Proceedings of the Combustion Institute Vol. 38 (2021) Nr. 3, pp. 4111 - 4119
    ISSN: 1540-7489; 1873-2704
  • Crane, Jackson; Shi, Xian; Lipkowicz, Jonathan T.; Kempf, Andreas Markus; Wang, Hai
    Geometric modeling and analysis of detonation cellular stability
    In: Proceedings of the Combustion Institute Vol. 38 (2021) Nr. 3, pp. 3585 - 3593
    ISSN: 1540-7489; 1873-2704
  • Boigné, Emeric; Bennett, N. Robert; Wang, Adam; Mohri, Khadijeh; Ihme, Matthias;
    Simultaneous in-situ measurements of gas temperature and pyrolysis of biomass smoldering via X-ray computed tomography
    38th International Symposium on Combustion, 24.-29.01.2021, Adelaide; Australia,
    In: Proceedings of the Combustion Institute Vol. 38 (2021) Nr. 3, pp. 3899 - 3907
    ISSN: 1540-7489; 1873-2704
  • Lipkowicz, Timo; Nativel, Damien; Cooper, Sean; Wlokas, Irenäus; Fikri, Mustapha; Petersen, Eric; Schulz, Christof; Kempf, Andreas Markus
    Numerical Investigation of Remote Ignition in Shock Tubes
    In: Flow, Turbulence and Combustion Vol. 106 (2021) Nr. 2, pp. 471 - 498
    ISSN: 1573-1987; 1386-6184
  • Nanjaiah, Monika; Pilipodi-Best, Anita; Lalanne, Matthieu; Fjodorow, Peter; Schulz, Christof; Cheskis, Sergey; Kempf, Andreas; Wlokas, Irenäus; Rahinov, Igor
    Experimental and numerical investigation of iron-doped flames : FeO formation and impact on flame temperature
    In: Proceedings of the Combustion Institute Vol. 38 (2021) Nr. 1, pp. 1249 - 1257
    ISSN: 1540-7489; 1873-2704