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Krug, Maximilian (2023): Overcoming Blanking: Verbal and Visual Features of Prompting in Theatre Rehearsals. In: Human Studies, 2023, 1-26. DOI

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In my courses, I introduce students to the methods of conversation analysis and content analysis, discuss phenomena of multimodal face-to-face interaction, and conduct studies in the field of mass communication.

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Maximilian Krug has been a research assistant at the Institute of Communication Science since 2015. He is part of the professorship Multimodal Communication, Social Interaction & Technology of Prof. Dr. Karola Pitsch.


Research areas

In my current research, I investigate conflict in interpersonal communication. I explore disagreements and disalignments in multimodal face-to-face interaction and examine incivility and reactance in online communication. Furthermore, I engage in science communication and ask myself how scientific findings can be presented to the public in a meaningful way.

Research areas