Research Seminar RTG 2131

Winterterm 2019-20

Oct 14 Pascal Maillard, Toulouse (France)
1-stable fluctuations of branching Brownian motion at critical temperature
Oct 21 Holger Sambale, Bielefeld
Higher order concentration of measure
Oct 28 Carina Betken, Bochum
Poisson cylinder processes: concentration inequalities and a CLT for the volume
Nov 4 Erik Broman, Uppsala (Sweden)
The Poisson cylinder process in Euclidean and Hyperbolic space
Nov 11 Nina Holden, ETH Zürich (Switzerland)
Cardy embedding of random planar maps
Nov 18 Leif Döring, Mannheim
Existence, Uniqueness and Explosion results for stable SDEs
Dec 2 Hanna Döring, Osnabrück
Crossing Numbers and Stress of Random Geometric Graphs
Dec 9 Joseph Najnudel, Bristol (UK)
On smooth mesoscopic linear statistics of the eigenvalues of random permutation matrices
Jan 6 Karen Habermann, Sorbonne Université Paris (France)
A semicircle law and decorrelation phenomena for iterated Kolmogorov loops
Jan 13 Steffen Dereich, Münster
A central limit theorem for averaged gradient descend in deep learning applications
Jan 20 Quan Shi, Mannheim
Measure-valued diffusions with Poisson-Dirichlet stationary distributions
Jan 27 George Andriopoulos, Shanghai (China)
Scaling limits of random walks in random environments on trees and related parameters




Mondays, 17:00–18:00

IC 03/606 (Ruhr University Bochum)