Ever since the discovery of superconductivity by Heike Kamerlingh Onnes in 1911, numerous high-technological applications have been developed, including magnetic resonance imaging, superconducting cables, magnetic confinement fusion, high-energy particle accelerators, magnetic levitation, magnetic energy storage, and many more. Such technological advances are made possible by superconductors due to their fundamental properties of vanishing electrical resistance and expulsion of applied magnetic fields (Meissner effect) occurring when the temperature is cooled down below the critical temperature.

Our research project comprises the mathematical aspects of high-temperature (type-II) superconductivity governed by hyperbolic Maxwell (quasi-)variational inequalities with L1-type nonlinearities emerging from the Bean critical-state model. More details can be found in our recent works below. Check out also our poster


This project is supported by the DFG SPP 1962 (YO 159/2-1 and YO 159/2-2).

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