Papers 2012Papers of the Faculty of Mathematics

Nr. 744: TÖRNER, G., TÖRNER, A.:
Underqualified math teachers or out-of-field teaching in mathematics - a neglectable field of action?

Nr. 745: BUTERIN, S.:
Inverse problems for non-selfadjoint Sturm-Liouville operators with Dirichlet boundary conditions

Nr. 746: YURKO, V.:
Reconvering non-selfadjoint Sturm-Liouville operators with nonseparated boundary conditions

Nr. 747: YURKO, V.:
Spectral analysis for differential operators on star-type graphs

Nr. 748: YURKO, V.:
Higher order differential operators on noncompact star-type graphs

Nr. 749: YURKO, V.:
A procedure for the reconstruction of arbitrary order differential operators on noncompact trees

Nr. 750: YURKO, V.:
Recovering non-selfadjoint differential pencils with nonseparated boundary conditions

Nr. 751: FREILING, G., YURKO, V. A.:
Recovering Sturm-Liouville differentialoperators with a constant delay

Integration of the matrixKdV equation with self-consistent source

Nr. 753: NEFF, P., PAULY, D., WITSCH, K.-J.:
Poincaré meets Korn via Maxwell: Extending Korn‘s first inequality to incompatible tensorfields

Nr. 754: BIRSAN, M., NEFF, P.:
Existence theorems in the geometrically non-linear 6-parametric theory of elastic plates

Nr. 755: YURKO, V. A.:
On Ambarzumyan-type theorems

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