Basem Abughallya

Basem Abughallya

Bachelor thesis student


Thesis topic:  An Interactive Visualization Tool for the Comparison of Conference Topics

Related project:  RIMA

Supervisor(s):  M. Sc. Mouadh GuesmiM. Sc. Shoeb Joarder

Thesis duration:  05/2021 - 08/2021



The number of published scientific papers in publications platforms such as "semantic scholar" is increasing day after day, making it harder and harder for readers to filter and select relevant papers to their interest. Moreover, trying to read the publications in order to get insights or grasp their trends over a period of time seems like searching for a needle in a haystack. Therefore, people resort to natural language processing tools such as topic/keyword extraction models and visual elements such as charts, graphs, and maps to achieve and facilitate these tasks. In fact, a good graphical information representation can reveal latent patterns in the data, whose written format cannot clearly show. This means that visualization is storytelling with the purpose of giving better intuition and understanding of a massive amount of written data.

The aim of the thesis is to provide an interactive visualization tool to provide a visual comparison of relevant conferences after extracting and modeling their topics. The focus in this thesis will be mainly on the comparison between three conferences namely, Learning Analytics and Knowledge (LAK), Educational data mining (EDM), and Artificial intelligence in Education (AIED). However, this thesis should build an infrastructure to compare other conferences that the end-user would look for.