Clara Siepmann

Clara Siepmann

Master thesis student


Thesis topic:  Validation of a Conceptual Framework for Self-Actualization Goals of Transparent User Models

Related project: RIMA

Supervisor(s):   M. Sc. Mouadh GuesmiM. Sc. Qurat Ul AinM. Sc. Shoeb Joarder

Thesis duration:  06 / 2022 - 12 / 2022



The self-actualization concept was brought up as a potential solution to overcome The "filter bubble" problem by building “Recommender Systems for Self-Actualization” (RSSA). The RSSAs are personalized systems that have the explicit goal of not just presenting users with the best possible items, but supporting users in developing, exploring, and understanding their own unique tastes and preferences. In a previous master thesis, a conceptual framework (EDUSS) for self-actualization goals of transparent user modeling was developed and used to design interactive visualizations to help users achieve different self-actualization goals in the scientific research domain. However, this framework still needs to be validated.

The aim of this thesis is to implement the designed visualizations and integrate them into our transparent recommendation and interest modeling application (RIMA). Then, conduct an evaluation to validate the framework with a qualitative study and semi-structured interviews.