Lamees Kadhim

Lamees Kadhim

Master thesis student


Thesis topic: Effective Interest-Based Recommendation Using Embeddings

Related project: RIMA

Supervisor(s): M. Sc. Mouadh GuesmiM. Sc. Shoeb JoarderM. Sc. Qurat Ul Ain

Thesis duration:  03/2022 - 09/2022



Researchers from all over the world can now access the rapidly increasing contents of research papers through the Internet. This is a great benefit for them; However, it makes it much harder to find the most related items to their specific needs specially with the quick growth in the volume of research papers in all scientific fields. Recommender systems effectively solve the problem of information overload.

The aim of this thesis is to improve the recommender system of the RIMA project. There are a lot of measures that could be taken to enhance the quality and accuracy of the recommender system in terms of enhancing the pipeline for generating the user interest model and the pipeline for generating recommendation