Tagung „(E)valuating Transnational Music Practices:
Space, Diversity, and Exchange”

We are especially pleased to have been able to engage Prof. Dr. Jessica Gienow-Hecht as keynote speaker for the Conference „(E)valuating Transnational Music Practices: Space, Diversity, and Exchange”.

Prof. Dr. Jessica Gienow-Hechts

Born: 1964 (Essen, Germany)

Academic Positions:

Since 2013 Chair of the Department of History, John-F.-Kennedy Institute, Freie Universität Berlin


  • Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations
  • German Association for American Studies
  • Deutscher Verband der Historiker und Historikerinnen

Prof. Dr. Jessica Gienow-Hechts main area of ​​interest is the role of culture in the history of international relations with special regard to North America. Her first research was in the field of cultural history, but then turned to international relations in the wake of the "cultural turn" in diplomatic history in the 1990s. Her first monograph, Transmission Impossible, reflected on political, cultural, and media science analysis, while her second monograph, Sound Diplomacy, related to psychology, musicology, and emotion. For several years, Gienow-Hecht has been working intensively on two topics: 1. the interplay between commercial advertising and international self-portrayal of nation states ("nation branding") and 2. with the rhetoric and emotion of human rights and humanitarianism ("what is humanity?").

Gienow-Hecht has won a grant from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft to pursue a project titled “The Quest for Harmony: Classical Music, Emotion, and the Discourse of Human Rights in the United States since World War Two.” The project started in 2018.

Further information here.


Dr. Glaucia Peres da Silva,

Mag. Konstantin Hondros, MA,


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