• Gerd Bacher
      "Spins in Semiconductor Nanostructures"
      Symposium "Cryptography and Quantum Information Processing", Wroclaw/Karpacz, Polen 12.–17.1.2004


    • Gerd Bacher
      "Monitoring Statistical Magnetic Fluctuations on the Nanometer Scale"
      APS Spring Meeting 2004, Montreal, Canada, 22.3–26.3.2004


    • Gerd Bacher
      "Spin-spin interaction in magnetic semiconductor quantum dots"
      International conference on quantum dots QD2004, Banff, Canada, 10.–13.5.2004


    • Gerd Bacher
      "Spintronik – winzige Kreisel als zukünftige Informationsträger"
      Uni-Kolleg Duisburg, 16.6.2004


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