Prof. Dr. Peter Chamoni | Information Systems and Operations Research

Personal Details

The Chair of Information Systems and Operations Research (IS&OR), held by Professor Peter Chamoni since 1995, was already established in 1974 and is now part of the Department of Technology and Operations Management within the Mercator School of Management of the University Duisburg-Essen. Over the past twenty years, he has specialized in decision support systems. His academic background lies in mathematics, computer science and business administration. He received his Ph.D. in business administration from the Ruhr-University Bochum in 1986 with a thesis on simulation of reliable systems and achieved his postdoctoral lecture qualification from the same university with a thesis on decisions support and data bases. Likewise, he has published a variety of books and articles on management support systems and data warehousing.
Having been both conference and session chairman of numerous national and international conferences and a regular speaker at such, Prof. Chamoni is a recognized member of the academic community. Apart from being the ruling President of The Data Warehousing Institute e.V. Germany, the leading organization for data warehousing professionals, he is also an editor of "Wirtschaftsinformatik" (State-of-the-Art), helps run best practices and leadership competitions, and organizes Business Intelligence (BI) conferences and workshops. Since 2000 he has also been a founding partner of cundus AG.


The main objectives in the information systems courses are abilities to plan, implement and run management support systems to facilitate business processes and decision making. The topics cover foundations of information systems, databases, software engineering, data warehousing, business intelligence and stochastic systems & simulation. Hands-on seminars and tutorials (SAP) are an important part of teaching at the chair of information systems and operations research. Graduates from these programs work throughout the IT industry and its organizations as entrepreneurs, i.e. in management, consulting, information systems, product development and marketing, and many more.


The chair encompasses a wide cross-section of research interests and teaching subjects covering information systems, information resource management and operations research. Consequently, the research group is well-suited to provide support for students with an applied interdisciplinary orientation. The research activities of members of the group reflect the following themes: IS&OR incorporates a cross-section of disciplines associated with decision support systems, management science and operations research. The emphasis is on the practical application of a technical approach to problem-solving in business, and on developing methods for decision-making management. This involves a combination of decision science, modelling, algorithm development and the implementation of applications, which cover a wide spectrum of rather technical problems to the support of strategic management. Specific topics of interest include business intelligence, data warehousing, data mining, decision methodologies and processes and technology management.

Selected fields of research:

  • Implementation of strategies by business intelligence systems
  • Business intelligence maturity models
  • Temporal structures in data warehousing
  • Integration and analysis of structured and unstructured data in business intelligence systems
  • Personalization of information supply

Several research projects are sponsored by corporations and institutions:

  • EUROQUIS – LOS, European Quality & Industry Standard for Linux & Open Source, Euregio Rhein Waals, Interreg III A
  • Business process modelling for field services, Thyssen-Krupp AG
  • Data warehousing for Energy Trading, RWE AG