Table of contents

Prof. Dr. Diethard Bergers Production Technology and Product Development
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Brakelmann Power Transmission and Storage
Prof. Dr. Peter Chamoni Information Systems and Operations Research
Prof. Dr. Rolf Dobischat Economic Education and Vocational Studies
Prof. Dr. Frank-Dieter Dorloff Procurement, Logistics and Information Management
Prof. Dr. Bettar Ould el Moctar Ship Technology and Transport Systems
Prof. Dr. Paul Engelkamp Ship Technology and Transport Systems
Prof. Dr. Jochen Gönsch Service Operations
Prof. Dr. Dieter Grunow Social Research and Political Consulting
Prof. Dr. Angelika Heinzel Energy Technology
Prof. Dr. Jan-Dirk Herbell Environmental Management
Prof. Dr. Holger Hirsch Power Transmission and Storage
Prof. Dr. Rudolf Juchelka Economic Geography, esp. Transport and Logistics
Prof. Dr. Peter Jung Communication Technology
Prof. Dr. Alf Kimms Logistics and Operations Research
Dr. Matthias Klumpp Production and Industrial Information Management
Prof. Dr. Hans-Dieter Kochs Information Logistics
Prof. Dr. Christoph Lange Environmental Economics and Controlling
Prof. Dr. Rainer Leisten Business Administration and Operations Management
Prof. Dr. Maria Limbourg Mobility and Traffic Education
Prof. Dr. Alexander Malkwitz Construction Operation and Construction Managament
Prof. Dr. Bernd Noche Transport Systems and Logistics
Prof. Dr. Heike Proff International Automotive Management
Prof. Dr. J. Alexander Schmidt City Planning and Urban Design
Prof. Dr. Gertrud Schmitz Service Management and Retailing
Prof. em. Dr. Jörg Schönharting Transportation Research and Consulting
Prof. Dr. Michael Schreckenberg Physics of Transport and Traffic
Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Schultz Discrete Mathematics and Optimisation
Prof. Dr. Edeltraud Straube Road construction and traffic engineering
Prof. Dr. Jens Südekum Microeconomics and International Trade
Prof. Dr. Günter Törner Discrete Mathematics and Algebra
Prof. Dr. Christoph Weber Energy Economics
Prof. Dr. Gerd Witt Production Technology
Prof. Dr. Stephan Zelewski Production and Industrial Information Management