Prof. Dr. Jan-Dirk Herbell | Environmental Management

Personal Details

Professor Jan-Dirk Herbell’s scientific career started in the 1970ies in nuclear chemistry at the Institute for Radiochemistry of the Technical University in Munich. The focus of his research lay in inorganic ion exchanger materials, especially in zirconium phosphates which combine ion exchanger properties with stability against radiation. He operated a special equipment (ETA Emanations-thermoanalyse) analyzing radon (Rn) - production on heating thorium (Th) - dotted samples. Afterwards, he became assistant in a laboratory specialized in analysis of construction materials. Parallel to his experiments in nuclear chemistry, he was occupied in corrosion tests and optimization of concrete at the German Army’s High School in Munich. In 1979, Professor Herbell became a plant manager in a hazardous waste treatment center operating a 100.000 t/y rotary kiln incineration, a physical-chemical wastewater treatment plant, and a special landfill site. A number of publications and conference contributions during that time were recognized for scientific qualification by the board responsible for his appointment to professorship.


Students learn theory and application of waste management methods and waste treatment technologies. They are prepared for entering industrial companies as well as for research work in scientific institutes and universities. Therefore, they receive lectures in:

  • Thermal Waste Treatment
  • Chemical Physical and Biological Waste Treatment and Landfilling Technique
  • Global Aspects of Environmental Protection
  • Environmental Management and Legislation
  • National and International Rules, Norms and Laws


The main research fields are:

  • Development of Environmental Management Systems in Emergent Nations
  • Recycling of Residues from Thermal Waste Treatment Plants
  • Hospital Waste Treatment
  • Landfill Gas Utilization
  • Modelling of Physical-Chemical Equilibria

They offer also service to industrial companies:

  • Planning and Consulting
  • Laboratory Tests (Wastewater Treatment Plant, Landfill Simulation Reactor, Rotary Kiln)
  • TOC Analysis

The Institute of Waste Management Engineering cooperates with several enterprises acting on the environmental market in emergent nations.
Professor Herbell has authored numerous scientific publications which appeared in refereed journals and books like Publications Chemical Engineering & Technology, Journal of Zhejiang University Science, Journal of Solution, Fluid Phase Equilibria, Waste Management and many more.