Data Security

The Analystics Core Facility Essen attaches great importance to data security and permanent storage of measured data. To ensure this the measured RAW data is daily, automatically transferred to a Faculty Biology fileserver (Serverhall ZIM Schützenbahn/Campus Essen: Building SH, 1. Etage). The file server is state of the art and features a RAID6 system with hot-spare hard drive (2 hard drives can break down without data loss, spare takes over immediately in case of failure). All searches and result files are also stored on this file server in dedicated project folders. The fileserver itself is backed up via the TSM-Backup-System of the University Duisburg-Essen. Each night an incremental backup is performed on magnetic tape at the Campus Duisburg (Serverhall ZIM Forsthausweg/Campus Duisburg Building LE, EG). Additionally, twice a year, the whole content of the fileserver is backed up on magnetic tape at the Campus Duisburg (Serverhall ZIM Forsthausweg/Campus Duisburg Building LE, EG). By using different techniques (Harddrive, magnetic tape), different storage strategies (complete vs. incremental) and different storage locations (Essen, Duisburg) we minimize the probability of data loss.

Terms of Use

In order to use our services you must agree to the “ACE Terms of Use” (currently only available in German and English). All users must comply with our Terms of Use/Guidelines to gain access to our services.

Sample Submission

Academic users

  1. First-time users have to send the fully filled and signed “ACE Registration Form” to the organizational manager of ACE (scanned email attachment is sufficient). Please note that the document requires a signature by the user and his/her PI (principle investigator, group leader). By signing this form you accept our “ACE Terms of Use”.
  2. An accurately completed “Sample Submission Form (SSF)” (please always use the current version). This document has to be sent to the organizational manager of ACE before you start your sample preparation. Please provide all requested information and take special care to provide all information in Section 1.6. and provide a detailed experimental scheme/design (Section 1.8.).
  3. The SSF will be evaluated by the organizational Manager of ACE. If the SSF meets our requirements, you and your PI will receive a return email containing your SSF with an updated Project number and a separate letter with the estimated costs for the project. The costs are estimated on the basis of your SSF (e.g. number of samples given in Section 1.6.) If the SSF does not meet our requirements (e.g. experimental design is insufficient, or data is missing), you will be asked to clarify these issues and to resubmit an improved SSF.
  4. After fulfillment of points 1 to 3, you may send your samples to us. The address and other useful information about sample-preparation can be found on the first pages of the SSF.

After receipt of your samples, we will start to process them.

Non-academic users

Please contact the organizational Manager of ACE.

Price List

The services of the ACE are subject to user fees. The fees cover only the project specific costs and do not contain staff costs for basic operation or administration, costs for service or maintenence contracts, deprecation or reinvestment, or costs for lab space or ongoing building upkeep. The fees will be evaluated regularly and adjusted based on the actual costs over a period of 2 – 3 years. Please note that funds to cover user fees can be requested separately (on top) as part of grant proposals (e.g. DFG; find more information on the DFG web page.)

Below you will find the current price list in German and in English. The price list is part of §7 of the “ACE-Terms of Use”.


Alle unten aufgeführten Preise sind in Euro (€) ohne MwSt. und gültig seit Februar 2022.

Gerät Gebühr[1] [€] Berechnungsbasis[4]
Orbitrap Elite -/13.5/13.5 pro Stunde
LCQ Fleet 5/5/5 pro Probe
Exactive Plus EMR -/10/10 pro Probe
Orbitrap Fusion LUMOS -/16.5/16.5 pro Stunde

1 Der erste Wert bezieht sich auf interne2Nutzung und Anwendungsbetrieb, der zweite Wert auf interne Nutzung und Servicebetrieb und der dritte Wert auf externe3 Nutzung ohne Gewinnerzielungsabsicht (nur Servicebetrieb möglich). Preise für externe Nutzung mit Gewinnerzielungsabsicht werden auf Anfrage mitgeteilt (Vollkostenrechnung nach Vorgabe der Uni Duisburg-Essen).

2 ZMB, Fakultät Biologie und angeschlossene Forschungsverbünde

3 UDE, UKE, andere Universitäten und akademische Forschungseinrichtungen, die im Rahmen einer wissenschaftlichen Kooperation (gemeinsame Projekte/Publikationen) Leistungen der ACE in Anspruch nehmen.

4 Gerätenutzungszeiten umfassen sowohl die Messung der eigentlichen Analyte als auch die Messung von Test- und Waschläufen und Standards.



All prices below are valid since February 2022 and are in Euro (€) excluding VAT.

Device Price[1] [€] Calculation basis[4]
Orbitrap Elite -/13.5/13.5 per hour
LCQ Fleet 5/5/5 per sample
Exactive Plus EMR -/10/10 per sample
Orbitrap Fusion LUMOS -/16.5/16.5 per hour

1 The first value is the price for internal users2 and self-service, the second value is for internal users and full-service and the third value is for external3 non-commercial users (only full-service possible). Prices for commercial users will be supplied upon request (full-cost pricing according to University Duisburg-Essen regulations).

2 ZMB, Faculty of Biology and other attached research initiatives

3 UDE, UKE, other universities and academic research institutions that use services of the ACE in the context of a research collaboration (joint publication or project).

4 Please note that the final device usage hours are calculated from the actual analyte measurement time added by the measurement time of wash-runs and standards.