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Peter Bayer

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Prof. Dr. Peter Bayer

Faculty of Biology
University of Duisburg-Essen
Universitätsstr. 2
45141 Essen

Research Overview

The department Structural and Medicinal Biochemistry focuses on the elucidation of protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions using biochemical and biophysical strategies in addition to NMR as the main tool for the structure determination of biomolecules. Our research is geared towards predominantly human enzymes/proteins and their macromolecular complexes involved in posttranslational modification processes.

  1. Protein Structure Determination
  2. Biochemical Characterisation of Parvulins
  3. Biophysical studies on the interaction of synthetic supramolecular ligands and proteins
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Selected Publications

    Journal articles

  • Killinger, Kerstin; Böhm, Miriam; Steinbach, Philine; Hagemann, Götz; Blüggel, Mike; Jänen, Karolin; Hohoff, Simone; Bayer, Peter; Herzog, Franz; Westermann, Stefan
    Auto-inhibition of Mif2/CENP-C ensures centromere-dependent kinetochore assembly in budding yeast
    In: The EMBO Journal Vol. 39 (2020) Nr. 14, pp. e102938
    ISSN: 1460-2075; 0261-4189
  • Vallet, Cecilia; Aschmann, Dennis; Beuck, Christine; Killa, Matthias; Meiners, Annika; Mertel, Marcel; Ehlers, Martin; Bayer, Peter; Schmuck, Carsten; Giese, Michael R. A.; Knauer, Shirley
    Functional Disruption of the Cancer-Relevant Interaction between Survivin and Histone H3 with a Guanidiniocarbonyl Pyrrole Ligand
    In: Angewandte Chemie International Edition Vol. 59 (2020) Nr. 14, pp. 5567 - 5571
    ISSN: 1521-3773; 1433-7851; 0570-0833
  • Trusch, Franziska; Loebach, Lars; Wawra, Stephan; Durward, Elaine; Wuensch, Andreas; Iberahim, Nurul Aqilah; De Bruijn, Irene; MacKenzie, Kevin; Willems, Ariane; Toloczko, Aleksandra; Diéguez-Uribeondo, Javier; Rasmussen, Tim; Schrader, Thomas; Bayer, Peter; Secombes, Chris J.; Van West, Pieter
    Cell entry of a host-targeting protein of oomycetes requires gp96
    In: Nature Communications Vol. 9 (2018) Nr. 1, pp. 2347
    ISSN: 2041-1723
  • Wawra, Stephan; Bain, Judith; Durward, Elaine; De Bruijn, Irene; Minor, Kirsty L.; Matena, Anja; Löbach, Lars; Whisson, Stephen C.; Bayer, Peter; Porter, Andrew J.; Birch, Paul R. J.; Secombes, Chris J.; Van West, Pieter
    Host-targeting protein 1 (SpHtp1) from the oomycete Saprolegnia parasitica translocates specifically into fish cells in a tyrosine-O-sulphate-dependent manner
    In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Vol. 109 (2012) Nr. 6, pp. 2096 - 2101
    ISSN: 1091-6490; 0027-8424
  • Müller, Jonathan W.; Link, Nina C; Matena, Anja; Hoppstock, Lukas; Rüppel, Alma; Bayer, Peter; Blankenfeldt, Wulf
    Crystallographic Proof for an Extended Hydrogen Bonding Network in Small Prolyl Isomerases
    In: Journal of the American Chemical Society Vol. 133 (2011) Nr. 50, pp. 20096 - 20099
    ISSN: 0002-7863; 1520-5126
  • Blankenfeldt, Wulf; Kuzin, Alexandre P.; Skarina, Tatiana; Korniyenko, Yuriy; Tong, Liang; Bayer, Peter; Janning, Petra; Thomashow, Linda S.; Mavrodi, Dmitri V.
    Structure and function of the phenazine biosynthetic protein PhzF from Pseudomonas fluorescens
    In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Vol. 101 (2004) Nr. 47, pp. 16431 - 16436
    ISSN: 0027-8424
  • Rabiller, Matthias; Bayer, Peter
    A molecular handshake
    In: Trends in Biochemical Sciences Vol. 27 (2002) Nr. 10, pp. 502 - 503
    ISSN: 1362-4326; 0968-0004
  • Bayer, Peter; Goettsch, Sandra
    ATP, a trigger for pain-signaling
    In: Trends in Biochemical Sciences Vol. 26 (2001) Nr. 1, pp. 12
    ISSN: 1362-4326; 0968-0004
  • Bayer, Peter; Sekerina, Elena
    Delta: a mitogenic regulator of human hematopoesis
    In: Trends in Biochemical Sciences Vol. 26 (2001) Nr. 5, pp. 281
    ISSN: 1362-4326; 0968-0004
  • Surmacz, Tatiana; Bayer, Peter
    Living in the cytosol
    In: Trends in Biochemical Sciences Vol. 26 (2001) Nr. 12, pp. 702
    ISSN: 1362-4326; 0968-0004
  • Bayer, Peter; Harjes, Stefan
    TonB – a mediator of iron uptake in bacteria
    In: Trends in Biochemical Sciences Vol. 26 (2001) Nr. 8, pp. 472
    ISSN: 1362-4326; 0968-0004