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The concept of this research program is to understand fundamental processes in tumor biology in order to develop novel molecularly defined and rationally applied cancer treatments.

Participating researchers from biology, experimental and clinical medicine study tumors as "biological systems" and so called "neo-organs".

A large variety of approaches, experimental systems and methodologies are in place to analyse many aspects of tumor development, growth, progression and tumor cell migration.

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Immunology, Infectious Diseases and Transplantation

The immune system responds to various pathogens including viruses and bacteria in different ways to prevent severe disease and persistence in the host. Many pathogens, however, have developed mechanisms to evade immune defence.

The molecular and cellular interactions of pathogens with the immune system are studied within this program.

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Molecular and Chemical Cell Biology

Molecular and chemical cell biology is an interdisciplinary research program connecting molecular cell biology and genetics with chemistry and structural biology.

Scientists of the participating disciplines collaborate to advance the understanding of basic molecular mechanisms of important biological processes. The analysis of regulation and deregulation of key pathways is linking basic biology with pathophysiology.

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