Introducing ZMB People

Introducing ZMB People

Introducing ZMB People

Image collage of ZMB People

In this series of articles we like to introduce you to the people working at the ZMB, performing research in the area of biomedical science or giving their support.

Carola Schubert, Email

Interview, photos and videos:
Carola Schubert and Christian Denkhaus.

Copyright for all images and video: ZMB.

Dr. Johannes Koch

Postdoctoral Researcher, Group Perihan Nalbant (until 2017)
Department of Molecular Cell Biology

Research Associate
Imaging Centre Campus Essen (ICCE)

Portrait of Johannes Koch
Portrait of Nina Schulze

Dr. Nina Schulze

Core Facility Manager
Imaging Centre Campus Essen (ICCE)


Katharina Severin

PhD student, Ehrmann Lab

Portrait of Katharina Severin
Portrait of Alexander Dudziak

Alexander Dudziak

PhD student, Group Stefan Westermann
Department of Molecular Genetics I


Christian Denkhaus

MSc Medical Biology,
engaged in public relations activities for the ZMB for a time (until 2018)

Portrait of Christian Denkhaus