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April 2020 Central Collection of Algal Cultures (CCAC)

The world's largest culture collection of algae supports the research capacity of the ZWU from now on. 8,000 live micro-algae cultures are stored in the CCAC (Central Collection of Algal Cultures) at the UDE. The knowledge and innovation potential of applied algae research can now be used in the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary network of the ZWU.

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March 2020 New research report on parasite diversity published

Scientists at the ZWU have unexpectedly discovered a highly diverse parasite fauna with 36 trematode species in an interconnected freshwater system of the River Ruhr. The results highlight the important role of stable keystone host populations for trematode transmission, structure and diversity.

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Januar 2020 New key research area at the UDE

For many years there has been a focus on the topic of water at the UDE. Consequently, the UDE established a new key research area of "water research". The ZWU will be heading the key research area, so the water experts at the ZWU will now work together even more closely than before and use the resources and expertise of its members. 


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The key research area coordinated by the ZWU

One of the greatest challenges for the 21st century is to ensure the sustainable use of the global resource water. The key research area water research established by the University of Duisburg-Essen and headed by the Centre for Water and Environmental Research (ZWU) is dedicated to adress the growing challenges.

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Current research projects

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German Society for Membrane Technology (DGMT) e.V.

The office of the German Society for Membrane Technology (DGMT) e.V. is located at the ZWU. For more information on the DGMT please visit the DGMT website.

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