M. Sc. Jan-Erik Ostwaldt

Institute of Organic Chemistry

University of Duisburg-Essen

Universitätsstraße 7

45117 Essen

Room: S07 S04 C29

Phone: +49 201 183 6251

Email: jan-erik.ostwaldt@uni-due.de

Research interests: : Solutions of supramolecular polymers with reversed viscosity/temperature profile

In general, liquids have the property that their viscosity decreases with elevated temperatures. Objective of my PhD project is to find an optimal system that behaves differently: the viscosity is supposed to increase with elevated temperatures. Using intramolecular-supramolecular interactions a system can be obtained which is able to form cyclic structures. With rising temperature an entropy-driven ring opening polymerization can be initiated.

The formed polymers show a larger hydrodynamic radius than the cyclic structure, causing a higher viscosity. Due to the usage of supramolecular interactions like hydrogen bonds, the reaction is reversible and at lower temperatures the original viscosity is restored.

Research Janerik Ostwaldt