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Here you can find some pictures from our group. Our group pictures show you how our group evolved during the years since the start in Cologne (1997-2001), our time in Wurzburg (2002-2008) and finally here in Essen (since 2008). In Wurzburg our group participated in the annual soccer tornament Chemcup. See the pictures of our team. We won the tonament twice, by the way. You can also find some pictures of various group activities and events, as well as pictures from the PhD defenses of our group members.

pictures from our group

​​Arbeitsgruppe 2001

​​Gruppenphoto 2004 06

how it all started... (the group in Cologne in 2001) the group in summer 2004 (Wurzburg)

​​Ak Weihnachten 2005

Gruppenfoto 2007
visiting the christmas market in Nurnberg (2005) Europapark Rust (2007)
Gruppenfoto 2008 Gruppenbild 2009
visiting Zeche Zollverein (2008) in front of the chemistry department (2009)

Group 2010 03


visiting Villa Hügel (2010) visiting Würzburg (summer 2010)
Ak 2010 12

Ak 2011 12

december 2010 (in the institute) december 2011 (in the institute)
Schmuck Group _in Aachen

Group October2013
group retreat in Aachen (2012) visiting the Gasometer exhibit in Oberhausen (2013)

​​2014 Bonn Group


​​Group 201602

AK retreat in Bonn (2014) enjyoing ice skating (February 2016)

​​Group Oct 2016

visiting the Bergbaumuseum in Bochum (2016)  
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Chemcup 2005

Chemcup 2006

2005 2006


2007 2008
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Group events

Abschied Willi
group retreat in Aachen (2012) saying good bye to Willi Sicking (2012)




exploring tree climbing and visiting the Christo exhibit in the Gasometer (2013) fire safety training
2014 Bonn Mix



group retreat in Bonn (2014) group BBQ (2015)
Ak Grillen 2014

Ak Bbq 2017

group BBQ (2014) group BBQ (2017)

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pictures of our PhD defenses

Pictures of our PhD defenses can be found here.

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