MPLC Armen Instrument Spot Liquid Chromatography Flash

MPLC Isco CombiFlash Companion

HPLC Dionex UV Detector 340U, P680 HPLC Pump and ASI-100 Automated Sample Injection


several Windows workstations

two Linux workstations for molecular modelling (MacroModel 9.6)

3D-windows workstation with NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit

Isothermal calorimetry:

Microcal VP-ITC Microcalorimeter

Laboratory work:

Lyophilization: Christ Alpha 1-4 LDplus

Microwave-assisted synthesis: CEM Discover System

Viscosimetry-Measurements: Schott AVS 370


AFM Veeco diInnova

UV microscope Olympus BX51 with digital camera Olympus DP50


Jasco UV/Vis V-660

Varian UV/Vis Cary 300 Bio

Jasco UV/Vis V-530 (for the students lab)

Jasco Fluorescence FP-6500 with microplate reader FMP 963

Varian Fluorescence Cary Eclipse

Jasco FT/IR 430 with ATR attachment (for the students lab)