Safety information

General guidelines for safe behaviour in the lab

German and English versions are available here!

Safety Bgrci Handbuch

Specific safety information for the group

All safety information related to the group can be found in printed and electronic form.

Printed documentation:

All printed documentation can be found in room S07 S04 D63. A table of contents can be found in each folder and on the wall.

Electronic documentation:

All documentation can be also be found as electronic version on the group server (AK-Schmuck\Lab safety). This also includes template sheets for regular testing of eye showers and safety showers.

Compound-related safety information:


Information about hazardous chemicals (ca. 10 000 compounds listed, easy search by name or CAS-number).


Information about hazardous chemicals, easy search by name or CAS-number.

Safety data sheets:

Safety data sheets for specific compounds can also be found online at the corresponding homepages of the vendors, such as Sigma-Aldrich, Acros, TCI, Fluorochem and others.

Safety information from the University of Duisburg-Essen:

Safety office of the university

Contact data of university safety officers, information about safe working environments, safe working procedures, personal safety equipment, fire safety, disposal rules and more.

Safety office of the faculty of chemistry

Information about safe laboratory environment, hazardous chemicals, standard operating procedures, emergency rules and more.

Safety officers

Dr. Christoph Hirschhäuser
S07 S04 C25
Tel: 0201-183-3208

Ursula Nüchter
S07 S04 C22
Tel: 0201-183-3094

First aiders

Dr. Christoph Hirschhäuser
S07 S04 C25
Tel: 0201-183-3208

Fabian Lutz, Dennis Jansen
S07 S04 D04

Dennis Aschmann, Matthias Killa
S07 S04 D19

Sujenth Kirupakaran
S07 S04 D25

Daniel Sebena
S07 S04 D28

Alexander Zimmermann
S07 S04 D41

Important phone numbers

Police                        110

Fire department        112

Gatekeeper S05       2614
(Pförtner S05)

Campus security      2614

Accident Insurance Doctor
0201 / 62 20 04
(Dr. A. Nowak, Oberdorfstr. 17-21)

Specialists for Eye Injuries
0201 / 72 32 900
(Universitätsklinikum Essen)

Emergency Poison Center
030 / 19 240 (Berlin)
0228 / 19 240 (Bonn)

Further security related information can be found here.

Building services

Central hotline        2200
Specific building services are listed here.



Contact numbers and duty hours of all janitors can be found here.