Welcome to the Research Group of Prof. Dr. Carsten Schmuck

AK Retreat in Würzburg

Himmelspforten _26 Von 37_

From Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd July our group together with the groups of Michael Giese, Jens Voskuhl and Jochen Niemeyer spent a weekend in Würzburg for our biannual retreat. Besides improving and practicing our scientific skills (e.g. preparing a table of content graphic for a given paper, coming up with new research projects, or completing some initial data to make a good story out of it) we also enjoyed the city and its cultural richdom. And of course good food and wine. We are looking forward to the next retreat in two years.

Interacting Molecules!

We are fascinated by supramolecular chemistry. We strive to understand how molecules interact with each other, how non-covalent interactions control the stability and selectivity of molecular interactions and how we can use this understanding to develop supamolecular systems that either bind to biological targets such as proteins or nucleic acids or self-assemble with themselves to form supramolecular polymers and gels.

Explore our websites to learn more about who we are and what we do. Of course as a university group we are also devoted to teaching and you will find some useful information here regarding the classes and lectures we teach.

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Open positions

We are always looking for talented and enthusiastic coworkers who want to be part of our research group on all levels (bachelor or master student, PhD student or postdoc).

Interested in developing and synthesizing new supramolecular ligands and testing how they bind to a protein or can be used as an artifical gene transfection vector? Or do you prefer to study self-assembling molecules and explore how you can use such compounds for switchable polymers and gels? If you want to become part of our group contact us (email).