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The Sociolinguistic Cocktail Lecture Series regularly brings prominent speakers to our region to discuss up-to-date issues on the topic of language, society, and multilingualism. 

But science doesn't need to be dry. After the talk, we invite the audience to discover our analogy between science and the gustatory universe, presenting a unique drink that builds on the linguistic and cultural ingredients of the lecture of the day. 

This series is a regional initiative of the Sociolinguistics Lab of Duisburg-Essen, headed by Prof. Isabelle Buchstaller, and the Sociolinguistic Lab of Cologne, headed by Prof. Aria Adli.


Poster Preview Leena Kolehmainen

Prof. Leena Kolehmainen

University of Turku​

Der Friedhof als Linguistic Landscape:
Variierende Stimmen, sich verändernde kommemorative Praktiken und Spuren der industriellen Arbeitsmigration”

12.02.2020 | 18:00 | S06 S00 B41

Earlier Guests

poster preview naomi nagy

Prof. Naomi Nagy

University of Toronto​

“Intergenerational change in
Toronto's heritage languages?”

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