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Having background in molecular phylogeography, my current research interests revolve around studying diversity and ecology of freshwater biota using a variety of DNA-based methods including DNA barcoding, genome-wide ddRAD-seq and (e)DNA metabarcoding. I’m also interested in investigating the mechanisms of adaptive responses towards environmental stress. In my research, I often use freshwater gammarids (Amphipoda:Gammaridae) as eco-evolutionary model organisms.

Currently, I am entering the field of parasitology by working in the Biodiversa+ project IMPACT where I will critically evaluate eDNA as an integrative tool for assessing fish parasite diversity in aquatic biodiversity monitoring by developing and testing eDNA-based assays for studying parasite biota in freshwater ecosystems.

Besides, I’m interested in science communication and very much enjoy teaching its fundamentals in a dedicated course in the Biodiversity study program.