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With UDE BioSLiDES*) we provide more than 350 high-resolution digitized microscopy specimens of plants, animals and microorganisms for viewing and downloading. In the web browser, these specimens can be examined in different magnifications, just as directly on the microscope, and in contrast to other virtual microscopes, UDE BioSLiDES allows to focus through the object of examination also in the depth. In addition, further information about the organism, its anatomical structures, the preparation and the microscope optics allow a deeper insight into the biology and technology of microscopy examinations. Contents and functionality of the system are explained in the article "Mit UDE BioSLiDES im Webbrowser die große Welt der kleinen Dinge erkunden - Virtuelle digitale Lichtmikroskopie in der Lehre" ("Discovering the big world of small things in the web browser with UDE BioSLiDES - virtual digital light microscopy for educational purposes", only available in German), which was published in the journal Biologie in unserer Zeit in May 2023.

All contents of UDE BioSLiDES are available as Open Educational Resources for use, reuse and download free of charge.

To the best of our knowledge, UDE BioSLiDES is so far unique in its combination of the large number of specimen it provides, technology (especially the possibility to focus through the specimens), content orientation, free use and free license.

UDE BioSLiDES was developed by Dr. Michael Kloster of the Phycology Group (Prof. Dr. Bánk Beszteri), Faculty of Biology, University of Duisburg-Essen.


*) University of Duisburg-Essen – Biological Specimens Library: Downloadable Educational Scans