The specimen viewerOperation and functions

The UDE BioSLiDES viewer allows examining the digital specimens offering a visual impression and operation control similar to working directly on the microscope.

Instructions En

The viewer can be operated using the mouse or touch gestures, the keyboard or specific control elements. Most functions are available by any of these three options. The most important functions are:

  • Zoom/Magnification: With the mouse scrolling wheel, the 2-finger pinch gesture, the + - keys or by the respective control icons.
  • Moving the specimen: By dragging with the mouse or a finger, or with the cursor keys
  • Changing the focal plane: With the mouse scrolling wheel whilst simultaneously pressing either the „SHIFT“ key or the center mouse button, alternatively by using the Page↑ Page↓ keys, the respective control icons or the focus plane slider on the left hand side.

This screencast explains operating the viewer in deeper detail.

User with limited perception of color can change the color hue of the specimen by utilizing the slider "hue" available on the right within the "image processing" menu. Changing the color hue can help understanding the differential staining of different tissues even for colors you might have problems with.

Due to technical limitations, control options and comfort are slightly reduced on Apple iPads and iPhones, compared to  Windows and Linux/Android systems.

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