How to install your own UDE BioSLiDES Server

Technical detailsIt is possible to install UDE BioSLiDES on your own server, e.g. within your school's network

The use of UDE BioSLiDES is very data-intense, since a lot of image data must be loaded as quickly as possible when focusing through a specimen. In situations with insufficient Internet connection, it is possible to install the UDE BioSLiDES server on a computer, e.g. within the school network, which can then be accessed for example by complete class groups. The technical basis for this is a very simple conventional web server, which does not need to do more than just deliver files. A suitable web server is e.g. integrated in the programming language Python and can be started with a single command, but depending on the security requirements, a more professional web server can of course also be used. The respective desired digital specimens can simply be downloaded from the UDE BioSLiDES website and installed on this server, and are then available for viewing on end devices within the same network even without access to the Internet. The storage of digital specimens is ideally done on an SSD, as the time it takes to access the many small files of a specimen is the second most important limiting factor after network speed.

If you intend to set up such a server in your school, please contact us.