InformationBrief description of UDE BioSLiDES

  • The specimen collection comprises more than 200 digitized microscopy specimens of about 80 biological species, mostly plants, but also animals and microorganisms.
  • The specimens were scanned in high resolution and mostly over their full extend and depth.
  • The operating options correspond to the functions of a microscope, including focusing.
  • The specimens contain supplementary information about the organism, its preparation, the microscope optics used, important anatomical structures and tissue types, and links to similar specimens. All information is available bilingually in both English and German.
  • A number of comparison series of different microscopy and staining methods are available.
  • All content is available as Open Educational Resource under the CC BY-SA 4.0 License for free use and reuse.
  • The system can not only be used with our own webservices, but it is also possible to download the software and specimens to install them on a small server e.g. within a school's network.