Special features

InformationWhat is so special about UDE BioSLiDES?

With the specifically developed UDE BioSLiDES viewer the digital specimens can be focused through over many focal planes, in the same way as directly on the microscope; in other systems for virtual micrcoscopy this feature is usually not available for large-scale digitized samples. All specimens are scanned in high quality, using high end microscope optics to obtain high optical resolution and magnification.

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Screenshot of the UDE BioSLiDES viewer
Most similarly extensive collections of digitized microscopy specimens are used for the education of medical students based on histopathological tissue sections and are often only available to a closed user group. UDE BioSLiDES, on the other hand, is completely freely available and serves the teaching of general biology not only at universities but also at schools; accordingly, our collection includes specimens from the fields of botany, zoology and microbiology.

The focus on teaching is supported, among others, by following features:

  • The digital preparations consist not only of high-resolution scans, but also contain supplementary information about the organism, its preparation, the microscope optics used, important anatomical structures and tissue types, and links to comparable preparations.
  • Various comparison series of different microscopy and staining methods are available.
  • The specimen collection includes not only technically sophisticated "high-end" preparations of microtome thin sections with elaborate differential staining, but also specimens that can be prepared by simple means and are therefore used e.g. in school lessons.
  • All contents of UDE BioSLiDES are available free of charge as so-called Open Educational Resources . This does not only apply to using them within our own system, but all data are also offered for downloading them in different formats for furhter use and reuse under a free license.