Growing Up in Kyrgyzstan (DAAD)

Growing Up in Kyrgyzstan


Kyrgyzstan – Germany. Study Project: Structures and Conditions of Growing Up


Lead: Prof. Dr. Bühler-Niederberger / Dr. Alexandra König

Duration: 2009-2012

Third-party sponsor: DAAD


Project description

The aim of the specialised cooperation between the University of Wuppertal and Bischkek is the long-term intertwining of the sociological lectures, for the mutual benefit of both parties. Embedded in the curriculum is the cooperation within a study project, which can be research orientated or international, and which includes innovative forms of studying. At the core is a research module, which includes a thematic focus on the sociological analysis of processes and structures of growing up and thus has a sociopolitical relevance. In this research module, students from Kyrgyzstan and Germany will be working in pairs. The partner in the other country is a discussion partner for theoretical questions, advisor for methodical decisions, supporter when problems with the implementation arise. The students are free to work on a project with their partner or alone (within a shared thematic context). Constant exchange and comparative reflection are mandatory. The partnership will make this manageable and binding. Apart from the usual accomplishments in research and lectures, this project will be awarded with credits. The project will be held in English, although students and teachers from Kyrgyzstan can request to communicate in German.


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