Ion Slicer

Method for preparation


The Ion Slicer is used for the preparation of thin films using argon ion sputtering.

With this method samples for TEM-, STEM-, SEM- or SPM-investigations can be fabricated without the need for any chemicals.

The argon ions have a small incident angly onto the sample surface, minimizing radiation damage and amorphisation.

The sample can be tiltes by 30°, to achieve a homogenously polished area.

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Acceleration voltage: 1-8 kV
Sputter rate: 5µm/min
Sample size: 0.8 mm (B )x 2.8 mm (L)x 0.1 mm (H)
Sample rotation: +/-30°
Gas für ion beam: Argon
Incident angle: 0°-6°
Pressure gauge: Penning tube
Main pump: turbomolecular pump(TMP)
Pre pump: rotary vane pump