Cryo-Ultramicrotome EM UC7/FC7

Method for preparation


The ultramicrotomy is a toll for sample preparation for different microscopic analysis methods, like TEM, SEM, AFM and LM. It generates ultrathin slices of material. Mostly this method is used on soft materials or biological samples. The section thickness varies between 10 nm and 500 nm.

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Trimmer by Leica, EM TRIM2

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Ultramicrotome with cryo-chamber attachment by Leica, EM UC7/FC7

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The cutting knife has a tungsten-carbid tip with a diameter of 8 mm and rotates at 20 000 rpm with 1 µm precision. The sample can be rotated in steps of 90°.


Magnification: 10x – 64x
Light sources: LED – adjustable brightness
Forward motion: 200 µmtd
Segmental arch / eucentric movment : 360° rotatable compound / +/- 22°
Rough knife movement N-S / O-W: 10mm stepper/ 25 mm stepper
Section window: 0,2-14 mm adjustable
Cutting velocity: 0,05-100 mm/s
Precision: 0,1-15 µm steps


Temperature range: +110°C to -185°C
Working area temperature: -15°C bis -185°C