Precision Ion Polishing System

Method for preparation

The Precision Ion Polishing System is used to produce high-quality TEM-samples.

Two independent argon ion sources allow high sputtering rates. The accelaration voltage is tunable between 100eV and 8keV. A focussing electrode allows high rates even for low voltages (< 3keV) and small incident angles (< 3°).

A whisperlok allows quick and easy sample tranfer. A digital microscope can be used to monitor the thinning process by video.

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Incident angle: 2x +/-10° sources controlled independtly
Acceleration voltage: 0.1 - 8 keV
Ion density : max. 10 mA/cm²
X,Y-Transfer +/- 0,5 mm
Load-Lock: Gatan Whisperlok, transfertime (not cooled) < 1min
Sample temperature: between -120°C and +50°C
Vacuum system: oil-free, diaphragm pump (DP) und turbomolecular pumpe (MDP)


It is possible to sputter the sample on both sides, or in two areas on the same side, simultanously.