aspire-afternoons of the first funding period 2014-2017

Aspire Events - first funding period Aspire Afternoon 2016

July 19th, 2016  -  4.15 - 6.30 pm

Going for leading positions - push through the glass ceiling!

Introduction: Dr. Ingrid Lotz –Ahrens (Prorektorin a. D. Universität Duisburg-Essen)

Lecture: Dr. Stefanie Kiefer (Fonds der Chemischen Industrie)

Discussion: Do we have equal career opportunities for women and men in science?

Get together

Are there unseen barriers which make it more difficult for females to enter top leading positions? Are there elegant ways to overcome the glass ceiling? These and other questions will be addressed by our guest, Dr. Stefanie Kiefer from the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie. She will talk about individual ways reaching a leading position within the academic field and about positiv or negativ factors and mechanism which might influence career development of young female scientists. After the lecture we invite everyone to participate in a discussion about equal career opportunities for women and men. Dr. Ingid Lotz-Ahrens, former Vice-Rector of the University of Duisburg-Essen, will introduce into the topic and lead the discussion.

This event is organized by two graduate schools: the GRK1093 "Supramolecular Chemistry on Proteins" of the Faculty of Chemistry and GRK 1739 "Molecular determinants of the cellular radiation response and their potential for response modulation" of the Faculty of Medicine.

Guest are welcome: Please send a short note to if you like to participate.

Location: Universitätscampus Essen - Senatssitzungssaal T01 S04 B34

Aspire Events - first funding period Aspire Afternoon 2015

Aspire 2015 Gruppenfoto Img 2410 750px Breit

7th of July 2015 - Insights into Career Opportunities

Many former PhD students of our university continued their scientific career in institutions and companies worldwide. Every second year these scientists are invited to join our Aspire Afternoon and talk to PhD students about their work, their own career path, reconciliation of family and work life and future opportunities in academic science and industry.

The CRC 1093 Aspire Afternoon starts with lectures and discussions and continues with an informal barbecue, where PhD students and Postdocs can individually talk to the CRC-Alumni to get worthwhile information about the many ways to excel in science and beyond, to reflect on one's own ambition, to get inspired by role models and to receive individual advice.

Invited Guests for Aspire Afternoon 2015:

Dr. Petra Rzepecki
Herzog Fiesser & Partner Patentanwälte, München

Ina Krebs
Altana-Byk (Additives and Instruments), Wesel

Dr. Nicolette Mamant
Biotest AG, Dreieich

Location: T01 S04 B34

External guests are most welcome.


Aspire Events - first funding period Aspire Afternoon 2014


„Der Knick - Frauen in den Lebenswissenschaften“

Es diskutieren unter Leitung von WDR-Moderatorin Marija Bakker:

Dr. Ingrid Lotz-Ahrens, Prorektorin a.D., UDE
Dr. Emily Overbeck, LaKoG, Univ. Stuttgart
Prof. Bettina Pfleiderer, Gender & Cognition, Univ. Münster, designierte Präsidentin Weltärztinnenbund
Prof. Helga Rübsamen-Schaeff, CEO, AiCuris, Wuppertal
Prof. Bettina Siebers, Molekulare Enzymtechnologie, UDE

Freitag, 10.10.2014, 16:00
Universität Duisburg-Essen, Audimax Essen

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Organisation: Fakultät für Biologie
Unterstützt durch: SFB/CRC 1093: Supramolecular Chemistry on Proteins

Science Career Meeting About the Aspire Afternoon

Successful female scientists from research and business are invited to deliver lectures and workshops and to pass over their experiences to young scientists from the CRC. The CRC invites excellent and outstanding women who already achieved leading academic and business positions as well as CRC alumni who are in an early career stage. Our invited guests will give valuable information and advice for career development and also will serve as important role models for young female scientists.

Another emphasis lies on gender science and equal opportunities for young scientists: selected invited guests will deal with the question why there is still a bias against women in science.