Prof. Dr. Paul Marx

Paul Marx is Professor of Political Science and Socio-Economics at University of Duisburg-Essen. In addition, he is affiliated to the Danish Centre for Welfare Studies as a part-time professor and to the IZA Institute of Labor Economics as a research fellow. His research interests are related to social and political inequality, political behaviour, and comparative welfare state and labour market analysis. His current research projects include “„Social emotions and the experience of politics in everyday life. Towards an interactionist theory of political behaviour and an empirical approach to study it“ and “The influence of socio-economic problems on political integration”.

Selected Publications
Projects at Programme


Research interests

  • Inequality
  • Labour markets
  • Political participation
  • Ritual theory

Selected publications

  • Marx, P. (forthcoming), Anti-Elite Politics and Emotional Reactions to Socio-Economic Problems. Experimental Evidence on ‘Pocketbook Anger’ from France, Germany, and the United States, British Journal of Sociology.
  • Marx, P. (2019), Should We Study Political Behaviour as Rituals? Towards a General Micro Theory of Politics in Everyday Life, Rationality and Society, 31(3), 313–336.
  • Marx, P. & Nguyen, C. (2018), Anti-Elite Parties and Political Inequality: How Challenges to the Political Mainstream Reduce Income Gaps in Internal Efficacy, European Journal of Political Research, 57(4), 919-940.
  • Marx, P. & Naumann, E. (2018), Do Radical Right-Wing Parties Foster Welfare Chauvinistic Attitudes? A Longitudinal Study of the 2015 ‘Refugee Crisis’ in Germany, Electoral Studies, 52(1), 111-116.
  • Emmenegger, P., Marx, P. & Schraff, D. (2017), Off to a Bad Start: Unemployment and Political Interest during Early Adulthood, Journal of Politics, 79(1), 315–328.