PhD Students & Postdocs

Olivia Davis

The college provides a multi-disciplinary forum in which to engage with such issues from a multitude of perspectives which I believe enriches the scope of research.

Discipline: Ecological Economics

Current project: Planning the Obsolescence of the Growth Paradigm

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Sarah-Lea Effert

I am particularly looking forward to our interdisciplinary exchange and to furthering my education in participatory research approaches.

Discipline: Philosophy

Current project: Global Citizenship and Global Republicanism: How, if at all, to be a global citizen?

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Anja Gampe

I look forward to new interdisciplinary collaborations on the topic of plurality.

Discipline: Psychology & Linguistics

Current project: Social emotions and the experience of politics in everyday life

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Marie Jolanda Kaiser

Stemming from my interest in families worlds in postmigrant German, I am very excited to get in touch with parents and children here in Duisburg.

Discipline: Psychology

Current Project: Racial-ethnic socialization in white families in Germany

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Jess Palka

I was motivated to join the Mercator Graduate College to explore the application of participatory research methods as means to developing new socioeconomic knowledge, fair and accountable public policy, and the self-determination of marginalised communities.

Discipline: Economics

Current project: Understanding and reimagining Duisburg’s community economy, socioeconomic identities and civic participation

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Markus Kubesch

In the light of the obtained findings potentially providing new impulses and perspectives for practical fields, I look forward to encounters and exchanges between science and fields of practice.

Discipline: Theatre research

Current project: Rehearsing participation. On practices of participation in rehearsal processes of theatre work with children and adolescents

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Charlotte Püttmann

For my examination of visualizations of flight and migration, I consider a multi-perspective view as indispensable.

Discipline: Art

Current project: The Social Image – The Visualization of Flight and Migration

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Seçkin Söylemez

Due to the urban context of the research institute within the Ruhr region, I have the opportunity to take a specific look at Duisburg as a well-known case study of Turkish life in Germany.

Discipline: Political Science

Current project: Discourse-analytical Approaches to the Understanding of Democracy of Turkish Nationals in the Federal Republic of Germany using the Case Study Duisburg

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Associated Researchers

Francesca Ialuna

I am looking forward to exchange ideas with peers and experts from different disciplines and think that the interdisciplinary approach, which this Programme offers, would be a very fruitful experience, giving the possibility to widen researchers’ horizons and consider research topics under different perspectives.

Discipline: Psychology

Current project: SIGN- School integration of recently arrived immigrant children: an ecological multilevel analysis

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Ellen Hillal

“Gerhard Mercator Graduate Programme Open-Mindedness, Tolerance and Public Engagement” offers me the suitable environment to further develop my experiences, exchange my views and explore more about cities of democratic societies.

Discipline: Medicine

Current project: Nature-Based Solutions for Healthy and Sustainable Urban Regeneration


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Helen Baykara Krumme

Andreas Blätte