Prof. Dr. Philipp Jugert

Studied Psychology in Greifswald and Auckland. PhD on the development of interethnic friendships at the University of Jena in 2009. Post-Doc at the University of Jena and Leipzig. Since 2018 Endowed chair of the Evonik foundation for Intercultural Psychology – Migration and Integration at the UDE. Experience in interdisciplinary research through work in two EU-funded projects on civic engagement and member of the interdisciplinary centre for integration and migration (InZentIM). Associate Editor, Identity and British Journal of Developmental Psychology. Assistant Editor, International Journal of Intercultural Relations.

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Research interests

  •     Group processes and intergroup relations
  •     Civic engagement
  •     Social development in an intergroup context

Selected publications

  • Titzmann, P. F., & Jugert, P.(Eds.).(2020). Youth in superdiverse societies: Growing up with globalization, diversity, and acculturation. London: Routledge.
  • Jugert, P., Leszczensky, L., & Pink, S. (2018). The effects of ethnic minority adolescents' ethnic self-identification on friendship selection. Journal of Research on Adolescence, 28, 379-395.
  • Jugert, P., & Titzmann, P. F. (2017). Trajectories of victimization in ethnic diaspora immigrant and native adolescents: Separating acculturation from development. Developmental Psychology, 53, 552-566.

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  • Universitätsprofessor/in, Institut für Psychologie

    Stiftungsprofessur der Evonik-Stiftung