Axel Klein


► Short CV

Before taking his present position, Axel Klein worked as Senior Research Fellow at Bonn University (1998–2007) and at the German Institute for Japanese Studies in Tokyo (2007–2011), focusing on election campaigning, demographic change and the relationship of politics and organized religion in Japan. Among others, he has produced a documentary film on Japanese elections (Pictures at an Election, 2008), conducted extensive field research in the country and is an expert on the political party Kōmeitō. In 2020 he started the Populism in East Asian Democracies project together with Hannes Mosler and Frédéric Krumbein.

► Research Interests
  • Populism in Japan
  • Electoral and Party System
  • Religion and Politics in Japan
  • Demographic Change in Japan
  • Transgressionism in US Politics
► Recent Collaborative Project

PinEAD – Populism in East Asian Democracies

This joint project sets out to take a comparative and close look at Populism in East Asian Democracies (PinEAD) to understand the form populism takes in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan; the project is led by Axel Klein, Hannes Mosler (both IN-EAST) and Frédéric Krumbein (Tel Aviv).

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