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Change of degree course and change of version of exam regulation

Students who like to change the degree course or the exam regulation from PO08 to PO15 have to fill in the corresponding form.

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Substitute Course for „Computational Fluid Dynamics“ (PO15)

The course „Computational Fluid Dynamics“ (Prof. von Lavante) will not be offered anymore. The official substitute course (only valid for PO15) is “Production Management" (Prof. Deike).

8 – 11 a.m.
ST 025

Fundamentals of Discrete LTI Systems

The lecture and exercises “Fundamentals of Discrete LTI Systems” are no longer offered. Students interested in the topic can study on their own with the study documents available on the site:


For students willing to write the exam on “Fundamentals of Discrete LTI Systems” a revision course can be offered few weeks before the exam date. Registration for the revision course via e-mail: schultze@nts.uni-duisburg-essen.de

M.Sc. Communications Engineering / M.Sc. Embedded Systems Engineering Substitute Course for „Analoge Funksysteme“

In this semester the course „Analoge Funksysteme“ will not be offered. The official substitute course is “Radio Propagation Channels”.

8 – 11 a.m.
BB 130

The registration for the exam of "Radio Propagation Channels" is done via the title "Analoge Funksysteme”.

Apply now to take part in the mentoring program!

As a mentee you will get in contact with senior students and professors and get support during the beginning of your studies e.g. tips for exams, help with choice of focused subjects, or just exchange experiences with other students.

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Dear Graduates,

we would like to invite you to join the Alumni Association of the Faculty of Engineering. Join the association and stay in contact with your ex-classmates and keep updated with information from your university. You will be informed about Alumni meetings and receive the Alumni newsletters. Please do not hesitate and fill in our online application form.

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