2nd and 3rd November 20212021

Autonomous Inland and Short Sea Shipping Conference

Call for Papers
Competence Centre for Autonomous Inland and Short Sea Shipping
Supported by Chambers of Commerce in the Ruhr Region



Supported by Chambers of Commerce in the Ruhr Region, Johannes-Rau-Forschungsgemeinschaft and The Association of German Engineers

Autonomous Inland and Short Sea Shipping Conference

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An intelligent lockage management system for inland waterways – development on the basis of AIS data and ship traffic simulations

Vortrag Haikkola

The benefits in autonomous maritime transport

Vortrag Lutz

NOVIMAR vessel train control system – tank test and first trial

Vortrag Pang

Recent research directions for autonomous shipping

Vortrag Raulefs

Correction data transmission by VDE considering AIS reception on inland waterways

Vortrag Nitsch

A tightly coupled navigation filter for the control of an automatic river ferry

Vortrag Mentjes

SmartKai - an assistant system to prevent damage to ships and port infrastructure

Vortrag Sandler

Applications of laser-scanners as close-range sensors in inland navigation

Vortrag Ziebold

Precise GNSS based positioning for automated inland vessel navigation

Vortrag Schyr

VR-based methods for the development and deployment of automated mobility systems in an urban environment

Vortrag Alberding

Development of an information platform to increase the efficiency of transport processes on the Spree-Oder-Wasserstraße

Vortrag Bußhoff

Towards autonomy – navigating a meandering route

Vortrag Suri

Autonomous ships and the proximate cause conundrum – a maritime and insurance law tango

Vortrag Schreibers

Man and IT together at the helm

Vortrag Söffker

The AutoBin project – key concepts, status and intended outcomes

Vortrag Kracht

Research and control center for autonomous inland vessels - VeLABi



Supported by Chambers of Commerce in the Ruhr RegionAutonomous Inland and Short Sea Shipping Conference

Vortrag Schramm

Smart shipping handout

Vortrag Lutz

Trackpilot first step toward autonomous sailing case study and recent developments

Vortrag Kosch

Full automatic river ferry

Vortrag Ziebold

Towards an automatic entering of inland waterway locks

Vortrag Helling

Autonomous docking of marine vessels

Vortrag Schyr

Virtual test field AVL

Vortrag Chillcce

Mathematical models for manoeuvring

Vortrag Potgraven

Approach of smart shipping in NL

Vortrag Colling

The vessel train platooning on short sea and inland waterways

Vortrag Merenluoto

One sea presentation

Vortrag Kortenjann