colognE-mobil: Electric Mobility Project

completed successfully

Since the beginning of the second phase of the research project colognE-mobil in 2012 many things have been achieved. A total of 13 partners have dealt intensively with the topic of "Electromobility on site" during this time. In co-operation with the Cologne-based car manufacturer Ford-Werke, 53 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles were put into everyday use by the partners during the project runtime. There, the technology was tested in many areas - be it as a company car, taxi, car-sharing vehicle or in the run-up to the airport of Cologne-Bonn. In the same period, the local energy supplier RheinEnergie provided 207 charging points at 80 locations in and around Cologne for the most frequent free use. One loading column is also in operation at our university in Duisburg and in Essen.

The UDE has been involved in eight research institutes. In many areas, from the development of component test stands, ecological and economic fleet surveys to customer surveys in the ongoing tax business, important insights were gained. The question of intermodal mobility was also taken into account both by bundling all the travel data on the smartphone and by designing so-called mobile stations. The latter enables a network of different types of transport (public transport, MIV, bicycle, etc.) directly on the spot.

By the turn of the year 2015, project vehicles had reached a total range of 765,000 km - 530,000 km of which in purely electric operation. The project is officially completed. Due to the amount of these travel data, however, the detailed evaluation will still take some time.

The project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in the support program "Modellregionen Elektromobilität".

Project duration 2nd phase: 36 months (2013 - 2015)


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