Driving Simulators of the Chair of Mechatronics

Driving Simulators of the Chair of Mechatronics

At the Chair of Mechatronics, a highly flexible, modular drive simulator concept has been developed for many years. The development spectrum ranges from a simple static Mockup-simulator to a highly dynamic simulator with a real Vehicle cockpit and cylindrical Cave-Visualization.

One of the central elements is the complex multi-body vehicle model, which simulates a realistic vehicle behavior. The challenge in modeling is the real-time requirements for the system, which must also be ensured with a high degree of model complexity. The application fields of the driving simulators are diverse. For example, innovative driver assistance systems, e.g. Automated and piloted driving in a safe and reproducible development environment, simulating the failure of the electrical servo steering, investigating the effects of human behavior on the power requirements of electric vehicles, or testing the potential of communication between vehicles and the infrastructure in urban environments.

The driving simulator allows both humans (the human in the loop) and real hardware components (hardware in the loop) to be integrated quickly and efficiently into the development process, thus saving development time and costs.

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