2019 Annual ASEER (GSÖBW) Conference

Festival for Pluralism

At the third annual conference of the Association for Socioeconomic Education and Research (ASEER) | 20-22 February 2019 | University of Duisburg-Essen


At the third annual conference of the Association for socioeconomic education and research (ASEER), students and young academics are given the opportunity to share their own experiences, present projects and exchange ideas with fellow students, other organisations, networks and foundations. Following the theme "crossing borders, embracing pluralism", the festival avoids the usual conference formats and enables an interactive exchange between the participants with lightning talks, world cafés and open spaces.

The Festival for Pluralism will already start on Wednesday, 20 February: on the eve of the main conference, the Institute for Socioeconomics of the University of Duisburg-Essen and the ASEER invite you to a casual get-together with a small evening programme organised by the Network for Pluralist Economics.

Program on Thursday, 21 February



9.00 Uhr


9.15 Uhr

Welcome Address

9.20 Uhr

Lightning Talks
A lightning talk is a very short presentation (60 seconds) of your work, project, organization or idea. We will use lightning talks to facilitate the exchange between participants.

10.00 Uhr

Open Spaces

During the parallel open spaces, a freely designed session can be offered.

11.00 Uhr


11:15 Uhr


We will use a world café for discussions or for knowledge sharing. Small Groups discuss different topics/projects/ideas at several tables.

12:15 Uhr


13:00 Uhr

Beginning of the regular conference


In addition to the festival, organizations from the field of Plural Economics, Socioeconomics and Socioeconomic Education are going to present themselves at information stands.


Important Information:

  • There’s a limited amount of 48 subsidized tickets for 25 EUR (including two nights in a hostel) available to students, only.
  • The registration for the main conference “Crossing Borders, Embracing Pluralism” is included.
  • Registration for the festival closes on the November 22. We will inform you about your admission by the end of November.


In case you are not a student anymore, but you want to take part at the festival (by proposing an open space or a world café), you need to register for the main conference as a normal participant first. Afterwards, you can propose your open space or world café below.

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