Civil Engineering - Bachelor (B.Sc.)

Summer Semester - PM (6 CR, 4 SWS) Hydraulic Engineering 1 - Hydromechanics I and Fundamentals in Water Management and Hydraulic Engineering

  • Basics of hydrology, hydraulics, water management and hydraulic engineering.
  • Overview of hydropower, river ecology and transport hydraulic engineering
  • Basics of flood protection planning and river development planning
  • Interrelationships in the planning of hydraulic engineering facilities and projects
  • Estimating influences on other civil engineering structures (keyword: construction at and in water)
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Winter Semester - WPM (6 CR, 4 SWS) Hydraulic Engineering 2 - Hydromechanics II and hydraulic models

  • Hydraulic engineering 2 - Hydromechanics II and hydraulic models
  • Hydraulic calculations in the fields of pipe and channel flows
  • Fundamentals of solids transport
  • Fundamentals of flow modeling in hydraulic engineering
  • Fields of application of hydraulic engineering experiment




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Civil Engineering - Master (M.Sc.)

Winter Semester - WPM (6 CR, 4 SWS) Water quantity management and climate change

  • Flood protection
  • Dams and subsidence lines
  • Concepts of runoff formation and concentration
  • Knowing the structure of a hydrological model
  • Model types and components in water management
  • Tasks of storage structures
  • Control methods of dams and how they can be modeled using software
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Summer Semester - WPM (6 CR, 4 SWS) Near-natural watercourse development

  • Stream typing
  • Structural quality mapping
  • Passability of flowing waters
  • Planning and implementation of measures within the framework of near-natural watercourse development
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Winter Semester - WPM (6 CR, 4 SWS) Environmental monitoring and water protection

  • River basin management
  • Requirements, objects of protection and objectives for water protection
  • Water protection measures and stream monitoring
  • Stream impact and stepping stone concept
  • Concretization of measures
  • Organization of river protection projects
  • Conflicts of use
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International study programs


We are happy to supervise your final theses. We try to provide you with as broad a range as possible from all areas of hydraulic engineering and water management. At the same time, we are happy to share current research topics with you.

On the continuative page you will find our current topic suggestions as well as work already completed or in progress. If your desired topic is not among the suggested topics - just contact us. We will see what we can do.

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2023 Excursion flood protection at the river Lippe

Excursion to HaLiMa: Master's students joined us to explore innovative flood protection on the Lippe between Haltern-Lippramsdorf and Marl. Here, the Lippeverband is setting new standards in dike construction, giving the river space for a 60-hectare floodplain and using ships to transport materials. An impressive combination of technology and landscape design!

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2023 Excursion to the Great Dhünn Dam

Bachelor and Master students explored the Great Dhünn Dam! Built in 1975-1985, it primarily serves to provide drinking water through five utilities in the Bergisches Trinkwasserverbund. It also protects against floods. A special feature is the thermo spout, which has been active since 2015 and ensures that the temperature in the Dhünn is close to its natural state.

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2022 Rotbach - methodologies of flow velocity measurement

On 24.06.2022 the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management organized a field trip to the Rotbach as part of the TWM course. The students got an insight into different methods of flow velocity measurement by means of measuring blades. Furthermore, a gauging station with ultrasonic equipment of the EGLV at the Schlägerheide site was visited.

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