The Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management offers several german and english courses in bachelor-and master-programmes. The courses include the following topics:


Basic hydraulic engineering and water resources management:

Hydraulic Planning Fundamentals and Facilities:

  • Relationships between hydraulics and hydrology
  • Conception of hydraulic engineering systems and extensions
  • Concepts for flood protection
  • Watercourse development planning

Hydraulics and sediment transport:

  • Basics of solid transport
  • Hydromechanical models
  • Hydraulic Experimentation
  • Pipe and channel flows

There is the following specialization offer:


  • Construction and operation of hydropower plants
  • Ecological effects of hydropower plants
  • Measures to restore continuity
  • Basics of river basin management


Transnational ecosystem-based Water Management (TWM)

  • Hydraulics and Sediment Transport
  • WFD and Flood Risk Management

Management and Technology of Water and Wastewater3 (MTW3)

Sustainable Urban Technologies (SUT)

  • Sustainable Water Management
  • Case Study

Water-related study programmes at the UDE


Centre for Water amd Environmental Research (ZWU)

The teaching is supplemented by regular excursions.


If interested in theses in English, please contact us!