The Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management offers several german and english courses in bachelor-and master-programmes. The courses include the following topics:


Basic hydraulic engineering and water resources management:

Hydraulic Planning Fundamentals and Facilities:

  • Relationships between hydraulics and hydrology
  • Conception of hydraulic engineering systems and extensions
  • Concepts for flood protection
  • Watercourse development planning

Hydraulics and sediment transport:

  • Basics of solid transport
  • Hydromechanical models
  • Hydraulic Experimentation
  • Pipe and channel flows

There is the following specialization offer:


  • Construction and operation of hydropower plants
  • Ecological effects of hydropower plants
  • Measures to restore continuity
  • Basics of river basin management


Transnational ecosystem-based Water Management (TWM)

  • Hydraulics and Sediment Transport
  • WFD and Flood Risk Management

Management and Technology of Water and Wastewater3 (MTW3)

Sustainable Urban Technologies (SUT)

  • Sustainable Water Management
  • Case Study

Water-related study programmes at the UDE


Centre for Water amd Environmental Research (ZWU)

The teaching is supplemented by regular excursions.


If interested in theses in English, please contact us!

My Studies - Civil Engineering

DRadio Wissen informed about the study Civil Engineering. Prof. Dr.-Ing. André Niemann talks about his career and the project underground pumped-storage power plants (4:26). (in German)

The complete contribution of DRadio Wissen

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