Chair of Materials Science and Engineering

The chair of materials science and engineering is concerned with the relationship between the internal structure and the substantial use and production characteristics of metallic materials. The main focus of the work is the change of the micro- and nanostructure due to manufacturing and operational stress. The range of applications extends from materials for mechanical and plant engineering, tool making, automotive and aircraft technology to biomaterials for medical instruments and implants.

Summer Semester 2021

Lecture Information

In the summer semester 2021, all of our courses will take place via Moodle.

05.05.2021 - Enrolment in our Moodle courses for the SS 2021

The self-enrollment in our Moodle courses will be switched off on 07.05.2021. If you want access to one of our Moodle courses now or later, please send an email – from your Uni-DUE email address! – to one of the scientific staff of the chair. You will then be registered manually by us.

03.05.2021 - Exams Materials Science 1 und 2 WS 20/21 on 05.05.2021

Please check the room occupancy plan, there is no fixed seating arrangement.

Information sheet for students to take exams in presence:

09.03.2021 - Praktikum

As in the past "corona semesters", the Materials Science Praktikum will take place online this summer semester. The procedure will also be similar:

1. Please register for the Praktikum in LSF first.

Attention: There are different Moodle courses for ISE, Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Please enroll in the correct Moodle course, otherwise your participation cannot be booked at the examination office afterwards.

If you find that the registration period in LSF for Mechanical Engineering has expired already (because you’re late 😉): Please write an email to Use your ... @ email address for this. Only then can we consider your request.

For ISE and WiIng students: If you have any questions / problems, please contact Dr. Myronova.

2. You will then receive the enrollment key for the Moodle course or you will be enrolled manually by us.

3. In the Moodle course you will find further information on the procedure, videos of the experiments and a script for studying.


Winter Semester 2020/21

04.03.2021 - preliminary info regarding the Materials Science 1 and 2 exams

The Materials Science 1 and 2 exams are postponed and will NOT take place on 10.03.21. We don't have any more information yet. You are expected to receive an email from the Dean of Studies today. As soon as we learn more, we will also write to you.

19.01.2021 – first preliminary info regarding our exams in WS20/21

Currently, we do not know once again how the situation will develop until the exam dates, and which formal and legal rules will apply then. Because of this, right now we evaluate our possibilities to conduct exams digitally and „from home“. A variety of issues must be adressed, e.g. of legal and technical nature.

Our plans – as of today – are the following:

Materials Science 1 and 2 shall take place with your physical presence at university. Changing the format of these exams into a digital one, with the high number of participants, would be prone to complications and requires a lot of time and capacities. Should exams requiring physical presence be prohibited, a postponement into summer would be our worst case scenario. But let‘s keep calm and see how things develop!

Materials Selection 1 and 2: these exams were already carried out digitally as „take home exam“ in SS20 via Moodle. We had two cases of complications which could be solved afterwards without further damage. So, our experiences are good and we have already learned a little. These exams will definitely take place digitally and from home.

Failure Analysis and Tribology: We are currently checking out our possibilities of conducting these exams online via Moodle. For this, we need to change the structure of the exams. I know this is rather unpleasant for you, and I assure you that we have no interest in making your lives any more complicated. Promise.

As soon as we have come to a decision we will inform you through a message via Moodle. Of course, after that we will inform you about the procedure and any changes made to the structure of the exams as quickly as possible.

Please also check out our website „Education“ for specific information on your subjects.

15.01.2020 - Bachelor and Master theses on various topics are currently available. If you are interested, please contact the scientific staff of the chair.

General information about the exams

The relevant data for all exams (date, period and place) can be found on the website of the examination office!

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Examination Office
If you have any questions regarding exams, please only send an email to
This will be answered within 5 working days.