Summer Semester 2023

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"Die Durchlaufer" conquer the 3rd place

The running team from Materials Technology "Die Durchlaufer" took third place in the Uni-Cup at the TargobankRun 2022. We are particularly proud of the performance of our student assistant Maximilian Wagner, who came 27th in the overall ranking with a time of 00:14:46.

We would like to thank for the numerous participation of scientific and technical staff as well as final year students.


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NiAl-Bronze Etching (Surface), Confocal Image

Chair of Materials Science and Engineering

The chair of materials science and engineering is concerned with the relationship between the internal structure and the substantial use and production characteristics of metallic materials. The main focus of the work is the change of the micro- and nanostructure due to manufacturing and operational stress. The range of applications extends from materials for mechanical and plant engineering, tool making, automotive and aircraft technology to biomaterials for medical instruments and implants.

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