ZMB Member Daniel Hoffmann

Prof. dr. Daniel Hoffmann

Prof. Dr. Daniel Hoffmann

+49 201 183 4391

Fakultät für Biologie
Room S03 S03 A26
Universität Duisburg-Essen
45117 Essen


Bioinformatics and Computational Biophysics

Research Overview

Computational molecular evolution

Evolution is one of the keys to understanding biology, including biomedicine. For instance, we work on seemingly disparate phenomena as the biodiversity in our environment, resistance of viruses to therapies, or development of cancer, all of which can be understood in the light of evolution in ecosystems and organisms. Another unifying viewpoint on biology is the molecular level, where all biology speaks the same language of genes, proteins, etc. In our research we bring together both unifying aspects of biology by discovering the mechanics of evolution at the molecular level.

An example to illustrate this mode of work is the discovery of specific genetic mutations of viruses. By statistical analysis of data collected from many patients, we identify mutations that allow a virus such as HIV-1 or HCV to evade the immune systems of patients. By computational modeling, we study physical effects of these mutations on the affected molecules to gain a quantitative, mechanistic understanding of this evolutionary process at the molecular level.

    Journal articles

  • Smolin, Daniel; Tötsch, Niklas; Grad, Jean-Noël; Linders, Jürgen; Kaschani, Farnusch; Kaiser, Markus; Kirsch, Michael; Hoffmann, Daniel; Schrader, Thomas
    Accelerated trypsin autolysis by affinity polymer templates
    In: RSC Advances Vol. 10 (2020) Nr. 48, pp. 28711 - 28719
    ISSN: 2046-2069
  • Smolin, Daniel; Tötsch, Niklas; Grad, Jean-Noël; Linders, Jürgen; Kaschani, Farnusch; Kaiser, Markus; Kirsch, Michael; Hoffmann, Daniel; Schrader, Thomas
    Accelerated trypsin autolysis by affinity polymer templates
    In: RSC Advances Vol. 10 (2020) Nr. 48, pp. 28711 - 28719
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  • Severmann, Ann-Christine; Jochmann, Katja; Feller, Konstantina; Bachvarova, Velina; Piombo, Virginia; Stange, Richard; Holzer, Tatjana; Brachvogel, Bent; Esko, Jeffrey; Pap, Thomas; Hoffmann, Daniel; Vortkamp, Andrea
    An altered heparan sulfate structure in the articular cartilage protects against osteoarthritis
    In: Osteoarthritis and Cartilage (2020)
    ISSN: 1063-4584; 1522-9653
  • Severmann, Ann-Christine; Jochmann, Katja; Feller, K.; Bachvarova, Velina; Piombo, Virginia; Stange, Richard; Holzer, Tatjana; Brachvogel, Bent; Esko, Jeffrey D.; Pap, Thomas; Hoffmann, Daniel; Vortkamp, Andrea
    An altered heparan sulfate structure in the articular cartilage protects against osteoarthritis
    In: Osteoarthritis and Cartilage Vol. 28 (2020) Nr. 7, pp. 977 - 987
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  • Tötsch, Niklas; Hoffmann, Daniel
    Bayesian Data Integration Questions Classic Study on Protease Self-Digest Kinetics
    In: ACS Omega Vol. 5 (2020) Nr. 25, pp. 15162 - 15168
    ISSN: 2470-1343
  • Bachvarova, Velina; Dierker, Tabea; Esko, Jeffrey; Hoffmann, Daniel; Kjellen, Lena; Vortkamp, Andrea
    Chondrocytes respond to an altered heparan sulfate composition with distinct changes of heparan sulfate structure and increased levels of chondroitin sulfate
    In: Matrix Biology: Journal of the International Society for Matrix Biology (2020)
    ISSN: 1569-1802; 0945-053X
  • Wang, Jun; Li, Qian; Yin, Yongmei; Zhang, Yingying; Cao, Yingying; Lin, Xiaoming; Huang, Lihua; Hoffmann, Daniel; Lu, Mengji; Qiu, Yuanwang
    Excessive Neutrophils and Neutrophil Extracellular Traps in COVID-19
    In: Frontiers in Immunology Vol. 11 (2020)
    ISSN: 1664-3224
  • Kitanovski, Simo; Hoffmann, Daniel
    IgGeneUsage : differential gene usage in immune repertoires
    In: Bioinformatics Vol. 36 (2020) Nr. 11, pp. 3590 - 3591
    ISSN: 1367-4811; 1367-4803
  • Kitanovski, Simo; Hoffmann, Daniel
    IgGeneUsage : differential gene usage in immune repertoires
    In: Bioinformatics (2020)
    ISSN: 1367-4803; 1460-2059
  • Spassova, Ivelina; Ugurel, Selma; Terheyden, Patrick; Sucker, Antje; Hassel, Jessica C.; Ritter, Cathrin; Kubat, Linda; Habermann, Daniel; Farahpour, Farnoush; Saeedghalati, Mohammadkarim; Peiffer, Lukas; Kumar, Rajiv; Schrama, David; Hoffmann, Daniel; Schadendorf, Dirk; Becker, Jürgen
    Predominance of Central Memory T Cells with High T-Cell Receptor Repertoire Diversity is Associated with Response to PD-1/PD-L1 Inhibition in Merkel Cell Carcinoma
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  • Mysior, Patryk; Tenberken, Erik; Stecher, Melanie; Vehreschild, Jörg-Janne; Schafberger, Armin; Perea, Ines; Brillen, Anna-Lena; Bartmeyer, Barbara; Esser, Stefan; Bremer, Viviane; Marcus, Ulrich; Hoffmann, Daniel; Streeck, Hendrik
    Rapid uptake of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) after significant price reduction in Germany highlights importance of PrEP accessibility
    In: AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses (2020)
    ISSN: 0889-2229; 1931-8405
  • Wülling, Manuela; Schneider, Sabine; Schröther, Verena A.; Waterkamp, Christoph; Hoffmann, Daniel; Vortkamp, Andrea
    Wnt5a is a transcriptional target of Gli3 and Trps1 at the onset of chondrocyte hypertrophy
    In: Developmental Biology Vol. 457 (2020) Nr. 1, pp. 104 - 118
    ISSN: 0012-1606; 1095-564X
  • Grüneboom, Anika; Hawwari, Ibrahim; Weidner, Daniela; Culemann, Stephan; Müller, Sylvia; Henneberg, Sophie; Brenzel, Alexandra; Merz, Simon; Bornemann, Lea; Zec, Kristina; Wülling, Manuela; Kling, Lasse; Hasenberg, Mike; Voortmann, Sylvia; Lang, Stefanie; Baum, Wolfgang; Ohs, Alexandra; Kraff, Oliver; Quick, Harald H.; Jäger, Marcus; Landgraeber, Stefan; Dudda, Marcel; Danuser, Renzo; Stein, Jens V.; Rohde, Manfred; Gelse, Kolja; Garbe, Annette I.; Adamczyk, Alexandra; Westendorf, Astrid; Hoffmann, Daniel; Christiansen, Silke; Engel, Daniel Robert; Vortkamp, Andrea; Krönke, Gerhard; Herrmann, Martin; Kamradt, Thomas; Schett, Georg; Hasenberg, Anja; Gunzer, Matthias
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  • Gigante, Alba; Grad, Jean-Noël; Briels, Jeroen; Bartel, Maria; Hoffmann, Daniel; Ottmann, Christian; Schmuck, Carsten
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  • Schröder, Nadine; Wülling, Manuela; Hoffmann, Daniel; Brand-Saberi, Beate; Vortkamp, Andrea;
    Wijnen, Andre van; (Eds.)
    Atoh8 acts as a regulator of chondrocyte proliferation and differentiation in endochondral bones
    In: PLoS ONE Vol. 14 (2019) Nr. 8, pp. e0218230
    ISSN: 1932-6203
  • Xia, Youchen; Pan, Wen; Ke, Xiaoyu; Skibbe, Kathrin; Walker, Andreas; Hoffmann, Daniel; Lu, Yinping; Yang, Xuecheng; Feng, Xuemei; Tong, Qiaoxia; Timm, Jörg; Yang, Dongliang
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  • Yang, Li; Liu, Feifei; Tong, Xiankun; Hoffmann, Daniel; Zuo, Jianping; Lu, Mengji
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ZMB Research Programme

Prof. Daniel Hoffmann participates in the ZMB research programme III, Molecular and Chemical Cell Biology.